1. ATL’s Street Characters (Photos by Meghan Davis, Dustin Chambers, and Thomas Wheatley)

    Fellow Atlantans,

    We here at CL propose the induction a new member into the ranks of our fair city’s wonderful street characters (e.g. Bicycle Shorts Man, Urban Cowboy, and of course Baton Bob).

    The-Man-Who-Walks-Around-Midtown-and-Downtown-with-a-Suitcase-on-his-Head (name still in beta testing)'s photo has been snapped and shared, and we think it’s time he got some formal recognition. All in favor?

    Get back to us on that.

    Really, we’d love to hear from you. And while you’re at it, photo reply to this post with your favorite ATL Street Characters! If we get some good ones, we might just compile a photo gallery for your viewing pleasures.

  2. Masta Killa’s no-show saved by Fort Knox, Dug Boogie, YDB and more (Photo by Chad Radford)

    That smiling young face you’re looking at is none other than Young Dirty Bastard (Boy Jones), an ATL local and heir to the throne of the inimitable Ol’ Dirty Bastard. He, along with a crew of fellow locals (4ize, Marq Spekt, Dug Boogie, Fort Knox) saved the day by holding down the stage til last call after Masta Killa’s (no-)show at 529 Tuesday night.  

    If there’s two things we love here at CL, it’s a crew of hometown heroes, and products of ODB procreating. We’re feeling pretty warm and fuzzy right now.

  3. PHOTOS: Superhero Pub Crawl (Photos by Heather Hendricks)

    Saturday night, the finest superheroes and supervillains in Atlanta shed their disguises and took over East Atlanta Village for the third annual Superhero and Supervillain Pub Crawl. What started as a fun way to celebrate organizer Meredith Adams’ birthday has grown a cape and taken on a life of its own. From the simple to the elaborate, from the traditional (Superman) to the never-heard-of-before (Yard Waste Man), the pubs were full, the people were merry, and the city had more condensed superpower than ever before.

    Proceeds went to the Beltline Bike Shop, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the community and helping kids - one bike at a time.

    Check out the full gallery of photos from the Superheroes and Supervillains pub crawl.

  4. atlantahistorycenter:

    Everyone gets FREE ADMISSION to the Atlanta History Center every third weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of each month through June 2013. Next free weekend is March 16-17: http://ow.ly/i8stD

  5. PHOTOS: Atlanta Nepali Festival (Photos by James Camp)

    The Nepali Festival at Centennial Olympic Park just happened to take place on one of the coldest days of the year. It seemed like the Nepali people brought Mount Everest to Atlanta, but the festival was rich in happy faces, inner beauty and proud Nepali people wanting to show off their heritage and culture.

    Check out the full gallery at clatl.com!

  6. alt-J plays the Masquerade (Photos by Dustin Chambers)

    British rockers Alt-J played to a sold out crowd in Heaven at the Masquerade on March 6. The group played a tight, focused set comprising all 14 songs from its debut album, An Awesome Wave. The set ran a little over an hour, but the crowd seemed pleased to hear the critically acclaimed album in full.

    Check out more photos from the show here.


  7. usagov:

    Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday at 2 a.m. Set your clocks forward an hour. Learn more about Daylight Saving Time.

  8. The Blissful Glutton is back at CL!

    CL is happy to announce the return of former contributor Jennifer Zyman (aka the Blissful Glutton) and …. well, we’ll let her tell you the rest in her lovely letter to all of you.

  9. Horror-comedy John Dies at the End deserves cult status

    With its bizarre but confident blend of deadpan humor and nightmarish shocks, John Dies at the End deserves a midnight-movie following, says critic Curt Holman. Currently film cults tend to surround fascinating failures - your Birdemics, your Troll 2s - but John Dies at the End succeeds as an authentic oddity with enough inventive set pieces and dorm-room philosophy to compensate for its low budget.

    Read on at clatl.com

  10. SHORT CUTS FILM CONTEST: “Getting Old” takes critics pick

    The finalists of the Short Cuts Film Contest screened to a packed audience Monday night at the Plaza Theatre. Our critics awarded Nathan Honnold's “Getting Old” top honors, for which the filmmakers will receive $250 and the chance to screen their short at the Atlanta FIlm Festival.

    Maybe you agree with Honnold’s vision of Atlanta? Maybe you disagree? Check out this gallery of all the short-film finalists and vote for your favorite before Fri., March 8 at 6 p.m. The reader’s pick will take home the same prizes as our critic’s pick.

    Plus, a few photos from the screening!