1. New Jersey rock band Bon Jovi brought its Because We Can Tour to a sold-out Philips Arena on Wednesday night.

    Perry Julien was on the scene to snap this shot, along with a whole gallery of photos for clatl.com.

  2. THIS JUST IN: Aaron Carter Still wants candy. Speculation is rampant on how many teeth have rotted due to this horrible addiction, but expert mothers estimate the numbers could be (pre-)teens.

    (p.s. He’s playing Eddie’s Attic on March 13th)

  3. Riding An Awesome Wave (Photo by Jory Cordy)

    From an outsider’s view, it may seem like the U.K. quartet Alt-J emerged from out of nowhere with An Awesome Wave, one of last year’s most unexpected indie rock success stories.

    But as keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton explains, the album that has drawn so much attention to the group is the product of a studied, but relaxed process — solitude. “You can take as long as you want for your first album — you can take 30 years — because no one’s waiting for it, really,” Unger-Hamilton says. “We were quite lucky in that no one had really heard of us until the album came out.”

    Continue reading to see how it’s coping with the pressures of success, and what future recordings may have in store.


    The Hawks rocked throwback jerseys against the Heat, but that’s nothing compared to this throwback.

    What’s the verdict, Atlanta? Is this just a soulless stab at higher profits via new (old) merch? Or is the old swag so fresh and so clean (clean) that it’s worth it?

    (Source: clatl.com)

  5. Atlanta’s new New York-style Jewish Deli (Photo by Cliff Bostock)

    New-York-style Jewish delis in Atlanta always seem to get stabbed in the gefilte. Will this one cut the mustard? (Or in this case, chop the liver? Whatever.)

    Cliff Bostock has the rundown on the joint.

  6. NSFW: Scenes from ‘PUSH the sex show from below’ (Photos by Heather Hendricks)

    HydeATL presented PUSH the (Sex) Show From Below last Friday night, Feb. 22, at the Music Room on Edgewood Avenue. Intended as a kind of split between vaudeville and a high-school talent show, the event included writers reading essays, poetry, and a choose-your-own-adventure sex thriller, as well as drag, burlesque, and musical performances. Oh, and naughty puppets.

    Check out the Full Gallery here.

  7. Pigs of a different breed. (Photo by Brad Kaplan)

    If you’ve never thought about how a different breed of pig might influence the decisions of a chef, your not alone. But that’s exactly the point of the Cochon 555 - to make us think about the very existence and possibilities of heritage breed pigs in our industrial factory-farm age. To illustrate this, five chefs were handed five heritage breed pigs and given the task of feeding a few hundred hungry pork-loving souls.

    Find out what each pig turned into here.

  8. Bonnaroo Schmonnaroo. With all these summer festival lineups coming out these past few weeks, we got a little nostalgic. Check out our Full Gallery of archive photos from Music Midtown throughout the years.

  9. Q&A: Eerie Von talks Misfits, Samhain, Danzig, and country music (Photo by Chad Radford)

    Over the years, Eerie Von has become a secret icon to fans of truly fiendish punk, hardcore, and metal. For some, the name evokes the blood-soaked cover art of Initium, the 1983 debut from Glenn Danzig’s superb post-Misfits outfit Samhain. To others, he was the bass player and a staple of the classic first four Danzig albums, rounding out the band’s gloomy rhythm section with drummer Chuck Biscuits, and underscoring guitarist John Christ’s demonic blues-metal riffs.

    His latest album, Kinda Country is a self-released collection of country and rockabilly numbers that build on the strengths of a few simple guitar chords and his full-bodied baritone voice that rivals that of his former band mate’s famous bellow

    Check out our interview with him here.

  10. (Photo by Dream Photography Group)

    Luda’s latest collab isn’t a hot new track with Big Boi. In fact, it’s not a song at all. One of the A’s most successful rappers is getting down to business with Mayor Reed.