1. Rev. Jesse Jackson arrived to the fourth floor of the Peachtree-Pine homeless shelter to address protesters in a show of solidarity with the Occupy movement (he’s also visited Occupy sites in New York, Chicago Toledo, OH and Detroit).

    "The focus now is on mayors," said Jackson, "but it should be on bankers."

    Jackson called the Occupy movement a “quest for an even playing field and economic justice,” and likened it to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last effort before his assassination, a journey toward Washington to occupy the National Mall to protest socioeconomic disparity.

    During his roughly 20-minute speech, after which he answered questions, Jackson advocated for student loan forgiveness, a revival of the war on poverty and a wholesale renewal of hope — the kind that got President Obama elected in 2008, but has waned as economic conditions continued to deteriorate.

    "Do not lose faith," Jackson said, a pale woman in a camoflauge hat weeping before him, "Don’t let difficult times break your spirit."

    More photos from the press conference

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