1. Several groups of Occupy Atlanta protesters visited local shopping venues in an attempt to “raise awareness” about Black Friday. Thirteen Occupy Atlanta activists visited Atlantic Station (above). Inside H&M, three Occupy members handed out flyers and discreetly stuck faux price tags on in-store items that read things like “FREE,” “buy nothing,” and “made at the cost of human dignity.”

    After the stickers had been dispersed, Occupy Atlanta spokesperson Tim Franzen patiently waited in the customer service line, and when it was his turn to be helped, “I asked her in the most friendly voice, with a nice smile, if she knew what aisle I could find universal healthcare on, if they carried it in stock, and she said they were out. And then I asked if she had any of Barack Obama’s hope and change that’s been promised since 2008, I’d be willing to wait or whatever and she said they also did not have that in stock. Then I told her happy holidays and shook her hand.”

    "I’ve shopped on Black Friday in my life," said Franzen. "This certainly isn’t about antagonizing people, because they’re working class people just trying to get a good deal. We’re hoping to create a conversation about consumerism and our spending habits." (Photos by Dustin Chambers)

    More photos from Occupy Black Friday

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