1. Radiohead played to a sold out Philips Arena Thurs., March 1. This is the group’s first proper tour through the U.S. in four years, and the set was heavy on post-Kid A material. The absolute show stoppers came when the band tore into “Idioteque,” “You and Whose Army?,” and brand new number, “Identikit.”

    On stage, Thom Yorke and Co. were a well-oiled machine: Mistakes were made, and Yorke’s voice cracked from time-to-time, but they rolled with the punches, even making the occasional stumble somewhat endearing. It added a human element to the looks of intensity on their faces, being broadcast on massive digital monitors pointed at the crowd.

    The cameras, which were strategically positioned throughout the stage, enhanced the light show and added layers of both intimacy and spectacle — especially during such songs as “You and Whose Army?” which rearranged Yorke’s face into a masterpiece of Cubist abstraction. Brilliant; Yorke’s fish-out-of-water dance not withstanding. (Photos by Dustin Chambers)

    More photos of Radiohead at Philips Arena

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    fish-out-of-water dance~~~
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    More proof that they have the greatest stage set up. They are Gods!
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    This was how the concert was in Houston, Tx at the Toyota Center where I saw Radiohead. LOVED IT!
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