1. Thank you so much to all who participated in Creative Loafing’s Time and Place 33333 photo experiment. We received hundreds of images.

    We got pictures of mansions and pictures of abandoned buildings, skyline photos and people’s pets, people sleeping and people drinking, flowers blooming and flowers dying. Photos we could not understand and photos that blew our minds, photos of iphones and pictures of books, political photos, whimisical photos and pictures of teddy bears being crucified, pictures of dead pigs and dancing kids, self portraits and shameless self promotion. We got pictures of money and television sets, empty paths and jammed parking lots, zombies and easter bunnies, pictures shot on iphones, professional cameras, on computers, and through fisheye lenses.

    Taken together it is a fascinating snapshot of a single moment in Atlanta history. Our favorite photos will be published in our Neighborhood Guide which comes out March 29. But for now, <a href=”http://clatl.com/atlanta/33333-citywide-photo-shoot/Slideshow?oid=4949920”>check the images out in our huge 33333 Time and Place Gallery which contains an image from every photographer who submitted so far</a>. ¬†And start imagining where you will be 1212121212. (Photos by Atlanta Community)

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