1. BETTER DAYS: Falcon players celebrate, hugging Tony Gonzalez after his touchdown grab against the Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Joeff Davis)

    Remember that one time the 49ers destroyed the Falcons’ Super Bowl hopes in the NFC Championship Game? Ouch. Too soon? Well it happened, and Super Bowl XLVII is going down without us this Sunday in New Orleans at 6:30 p.m. It’s basically an unofficial American holiday, and pretty much the only time you can get drunk on Budweiser and tiny weiners soaked in grape jelly simultaneously, without judgement. There’s even an upside for anti-sports fans: the Super Bowl is a mostly at-home affair. According to a recentTime story, “[l]ess than 1.5% of respondents to the Nielsen survey said they planned to watch the game at a bar or restaurant.” In other words, if you hate brushing elbows with d-bag football fans in bars and restaurants, Super Bowl Sunday is an ideal time to be out and about. For the less than 1.5 percent who plan to go ham on some pro football in public this weekend, here are some Atlanta Super Bowl events worth checking out:

    10th & Piedmont Enjoy specials on platters and beverage options plus multiple screens to watch the game. Details

    Atkins Park Special to-go platters are available for Super Bowl Sunday. Details

    D.B.A. Barbecue D.B.A. will air the game on 11 TV screens, with sound. Plus specials on Whynatte shots and wings. Details

    Big Kahuna Watch the big game at this beach-inspired restaurant and bar. The 80-inch flat screen hanging above the bar will be screening the Super Bowl on Sunday, with plenty of game-day appetizer options. Details

    Del Frisco’s Grille Watch the Super Bowl on one of their many flat screen TV’s, and share one of their flatbreads and other appetizers with fans during the game. Details

    The Albert Watch the game on one of 11 flat screen TVs plus a plate of “Ravens Wings” and a draft beer from San Francisco based brewery, Anchor Steam Brewery, for $13. Details

    » Peep the full list (yeah, there’s more) »

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