1. Q&A: Eerie Von talks Misfits, Samhain, Danzig, and country music (Photo by Chad Radford)

    Over the years, Eerie Von has become a secret icon to fans of truly fiendish punk, hardcore, and metal. For some, the name evokes the blood-soaked cover art of Initium, the 1983 debut from Glenn Danzig’s superb post-Misfits outfit Samhain. To others, he was the bass player and a staple of the classic first four Danzig albums, rounding out the band’s gloomy rhythm section with drummer Chuck Biscuits, and underscoring guitarist John Christ’s demonic blues-metal riffs.

    His latest album, Kinda Country is a self-released collection of country and rockabilly numbers that build on the strengths of a few simple guitar chords and his full-bodied baritone voice that rivals that of his former band mate’s famous bellow

    Check out our interview with him here.

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